Dorothy M. Gibb, PhD
Co-Founder + Partner
A practicing environmental consultant since 1988, Dorothy Gibb has been involved with a variety of environmental projects including large-scale industrial and residential developments, environmental restorations, policy development and implementation, ecosystem management and adaptive planning, and threatened and endangered species and habitat management.

As Technical Director she oversees ECAP’s scientific, technical and management applications, and quality assurance and quality control.

Dorothy was previously Associate Director for a UK/European environmental policy office based in Washington DC supporting Fortune 500 companies on in country and international environmental policy and compliance.

She has authored and/or co-authored environmental policy and management guidance for the private sector and for the US Department of Defense and military services. As primary author she researched and produced Resources for INRMP Implementation – A Handbook for the DoD Natural Resources Manager (1st and 2nd editions), and co-authored a chapter in Conserving Biodiversity on Military Lands.

For DoD she reviewed ecosystem management implementation across the services and developed best management practices, and supported a range of natural resources related projects including natural resources management planning and implementation, review of forest resources management, wildfire management and control, and joint stewardship training requirements for federal land management. 

Dorothy was an initial member of the National Academy of Sciences Committee for NEON and the only non-academic, non-research NEON member representing the private sector. She is a recipient of the New Mexico Medal of Merit for her ecosystem management work in support of the New Mexico Army National Guard.

Her current interests remain in land and resource management, and in particular, innovative solutions for sustainable systems.