Stephen C. Helfert
Steve Helfert is a Natural Resources Advisor and former Department of Defense liaison with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. He has extensive Department of Interior and military experience in natural resources management and has worked with both headquarters’ staffs, regional offices and installation managers.

Steve was a founding partner serving as ECAP Director for western North America, however in 2018 he decided to pursue his passion for working with non-profit conservation groups. He remains an Associate whose knowledge and wealth of experience is available to ECAP.
Steve served in the US Army, in addition to serving as Deputy Environmental Director, US Air Force Regional Civil Engineering Office - Ballistic Missile Support; as the Chief, Environmental Division, US Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District; and as the Natural Resources Manager, Fort Sam Houston and Camp Bullis, Texas.

He was Geographic Assistant Regional Director and was a Field Supervisor for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Steve is a recipient of the L. Jahn Military Natural Resources Conservation Award.

His current interests remain in landscape level conservation partnerships, supporting military installations, and in integrating Natural Capital into United States natural resource management. Steve currently serves on the Board of the Defense Conservation Fund.