What we do
We are an environmental consultancy group providing solutions and strategies to clients. We identify your needs and apply the right level of expertise to address your challenges and work with you to reach timely, cost effective solutions. Our core is a flexible group of senior staff supported by a network of national and international associates across a range of fields.

We provide :
•    Innovative Planning Solutions
•    Ecological Coherence Strategies
•    Capacity Building and                             Collaborative Working
•    Implementation and Adaptive                  Management
•    Monitoring and Reporting
•    Workshops and Training
Coinachan Cottage
Spean Bridge, PH34 4EG
Scotland, United Kingdom

PO Box 896
Ashland, Virginia 23005
United States

Please contact us if you have any questions about our business, services, or working with us. Connect with Joe who handles our international marketing from our UK office.

For interest items we are tracking and bringing to you visit our blog at www.ecapgroup.blog.